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On June 15, 2020, SFWP released a statement of change. Not a solidarity statement, but a commitment to do its part to diversify its catalog and online journal. We can't keep saying Black Lives Matter and only publish white people.

"Lazy and racist are the same thing if we keep pretending that the best way to support marginalized communities is to put out solidarity statements and pretend race doesn’t play a factor in publishing."

Keeping with this promise, the SFWP Quarterly Issue 27, released October 1, 2021, will only feature marginalized writers who have never been published before, especially unpublished writers living with disabilities, perceived or hidden, writers of color, writers part of the LGBTQ++ community, or all three! In fact, every issue of 2021 will feature writers of intersecting marginalized identities.

We invite marginalized unpublished writers to submit their poetry, prose, and hybrid works for this issue. We especially encourage unpublished writers living with disabilities, those who also identify as writers of color, and/or as part of the LGBTQ++ community. We usually don't publish poetry, but we also usually don't publish more than 10 pieces per issue, and usual is what landed us here in the first place, right? (At SFWP, we love being the first step in a writer's career!)

Submission window: October 24, 2020 - August 1, 2021

THEME: The Body

What do we mean by the body? Consider your body, the body of your lover, your pet's body, bodies of water, phantom bodies, the body electric, the act of bodying, body brokering (that's one of our publications!), a body in movement, a body in stasis, leaving one's body, body to body, breaking into the body through surgery, assault, or sex, remaking a body through diet, exercise, illness, or medical intervention, bodies under experimentation, bodies without autonomy, bodies sold, bodies glorified, bodies loved. We believe in you.

What are we looking for:


  • Poetry -- no more than 3 poems, any length, form, style, written in (mostly) English. No translations at this time. If you're unsure if your poems follow these guidelines, submit anyway.
  • Prose -- no more than 5,000 words, any form, style, genre. We love science fiction, fantasy, literary journalism, memoir, personal essay, literary fiction, fractured fairy tales, retellings, written in (mostly) English. No translations at this time. If you're unsure if your prose follows these guidelines, submit anyway.
  • Hybrid -- no more than 3,000 words, any form, style, genre, written (mostly) in English. No translations at this time. We love comics (graphic essays/short stories, poem comics, works that use illustration, etc.), choreopoems, and even ten-minute plays. If you're unsure if your submission follows these guidelines, submit anyway.

Collaborations welcome! (As long as all collaborators have never been previously published.)

Help us shift the landscape of the literary industry by bringing new marginalized writers to the forefront, and not because it's fashionable or the woke thing to do -- but because it's the just thing to do, the right thing to do, and honestly, the thing we want to do more than anything else.

Please send all questions regarding this issue to managing editor, Monica Prince at monicaprince@sfwp.com, who, by the way, is a Black cis woman who teaches unpublished writers for a living. Any harassing, racist, or violent messages will be deleted (or kept for potential investigation).

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.